Christina Grande
Founder of CGrandeMedia, Christina Grande is a Brooklyn based photographer and videographer who has experience in multiple mediums. Starting from 2013, she continues to learn and teach herself the fundamentals of the camera, lighting, post production and ways to keep that creative juice flowing. Her ambition and drive has led her to amazing opportunities, such as meeting new clients, shooting concerts in well-known venues, attending both big and small conventions, being published in different variations of alternative and fashion magazines and overall making a name for herself in the New York tri-state area. Photography has became her priority throughout the years and she looks to over exceed expectations in all of her work. She makes sure clients communicate with her and assures them comfort-ability no matter what type of shoot.
Christina Grande is 24 years old and possesses a bachelors degree in corporate communications, along with years of sales experience from previous jobs. Her hobbies include cosplaying, playing video games, occasionally working out and some writing on the side. She has also experience in film photography, and how to develop and print photos (You can check out her final project in the nude section.) Cosplay photography is her favorite type of shooting, she likes to get creative with not only the shooting aspect of it, but the editing aspect as well. 
Christina is currently a retoucher for west 38 four/five times a week. She's open to meeting new clients and booking shoots. Pricing is depending on your budget, and she will gladly work with you. If interested, reach out to for Inquiries and bookings!